• 存储层准备:

    Primas的底层依赖去中心化存储方案,由于目前仍未有成熟的解决方案提供,我们将在Primas Node中实现内容存储和展示的功能,以保证项目按时上线

  • 测试网络准备:

    Primas的测试合约已部署至以太坊Ropsten测试网络,单节点的Primas Node也已经部署在测试服务器。我们将在公测以前持续在内部进行整体运转,保障项目稳定,同时对系统参数进行调优


  • 多种社区运转模式调研和支持方案,比如内容付费阅读、内容分享讨论、内容订阅发布等


  • 二级所有权声明和验证支持

Primas Node

  • 内容存储和展示设计

  • 双向索引构建和缓存

  • 开放API封装

Operation Status


  • International exchanges listing:Primas starts to push the exchange listing progress. Negotiation with Binance has been restarted. We have also reached Huobi and made an introduction about recent progress of Primas. There’re also several other international exchanges saying they will include Primas in their list. Exchange listing will be the first priority for the coming month

Fund Raising Status

  • The private funding on the previously refunded PST tokens has officially started internationally. We support private funding and delegated private funding. As the growing of recognition of the Blockchain technology, we have a lot more participants than expected in this round of token funding, among which we choose several famous institutes and are making further confirmations. The token sale price is still in negotiation and not determined yet. Please pay attention to our media channels for further details

Content Ecosystem Building

  • Primas has made cooperation decisions with several content platforms. Primas supports the better development of such platforms as a blockchain based content infrastructure. The cooperation platforms are in varies types such as paid online course providers and content aggregation platforms in a dedicated area. They are all currently running their own mobile applications and/or websites. Utilizing Primas API and SDK, these platforms could integrate with Primas in minutes and benefit from the Blockchain and token incentives

Development Status

Release Preparation

  • Data Storage:Primas relies on a decentralized storage solution to store user content. There’s no production-ready solutions so far. So we decided to implement content storage and display functions in Primas node layer to make sure we stick to the release road map
  • Testnet:Primas contracts have already been deployed to the Ethereum Ropsten network. Primas node instandalone mode is also running on a test server already. We’ll keep monitoring the running status and optimize system parameters according to the data obtained


  • Research on the supporting of varies types of content groups. Such as content sales groups, content sharing & discussing groups and channel subscription groups


  • Supporting of second level ownership declaration and verification

Primas Node:

  • Content storage and display
  • Bi-directional index building and caching
  • Open API encapsulation

Primas is an open ecosystem for the publishing, recommendation and transaction of content.

Primas team is committed to using blockchain and other technologies to restructure the content market, so as to solve the problem in which quality content are hardly recognized, disseminated and paid for. Decentralized content sourcing and recommendation mechanism brings quality content to users; a brand-new content evaluation system ensures direct benefits to the producers of quality content;tamper-proof property of the blockchain provides copyright protection for original writers; and decentralized data management offers better protection for users privacy.

You can get more information through the Primas website: